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Chain, chain, chain... DIY Dannijo Cuff

Every so often, I like to pull out all the jewelry I don't wear, but collect. It's usually divided into two categories: the keep collection (vintage and antique jewelry from grandmothers and great-grandmothers) and the junk pile. As a certified hoarder (just not TLC reality show status hoarder), I can't toss the junk pile jewels, but love to reinterpret what I've got. Here's a perfect example.

The inspiration: Dannijo's mishmashed cuffs, like the Glenn, below.

Recreating this melange of metal chain was a piece of cake with all the broken jewelry in the junk pile. 

Tools and Materials:
A base cuff (from my jewelry box)
Pliers, including one that can cut through chain
Super glue, like E-6000
Paper plate, or any disposable surface for the glue
Broken jewelry, old chains, scraps of chain from leftover projects.
Paste jewelry (I wanted to have a base layer with some sparkle, like the Sabelle bracelet, which allowed me to use up my mate-less costume jewelry earrings)

First, I used my pliers to break or snip off the backs from the earrings.

Squeeze a little glue onto the plate. It's smelly, so be sure if you use it to be in a well-ventilated area. Get only a little bit of glue out before adding each piece-- if it sits out for even a few minutes it will get gummy and difficult to work with.

I used the toothpick to put glue on the bracelet, and began attaching the costume jewelry first. 

Next, came the chain. I cut sections of chain as I went, and experimented with different placements before I glued.

After my short pieces of chain were attached, I took a long chain, glued one end near the cuff's end, and began wrapping the chain around the cuff. I glued the chain down near the top and bottom edges of the cuff.

View from behind

Now, the hardest part. DO NOT TOUCH. Once I began fidgeting with it after everything was glued down, things began to come undone. The glue has to dry overnight to stay secure.

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